Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

The right know-how as well as extensive experience play a decisive role in data protection consultancy.

ds² benefits from many years of empirical experience, a comprehensive knowledge of theory and practice, and strong working relationships with the relevant industry institutions. In order for customers to receive the best advice possible from ds², we place great value on professionalism, flexibility and being up-to-date in the relevant fields. All ds² consultants have had the best possible training in the field of data protection and are kept abreast of the latest developments and guidelines through regular training courses. Every consultant has taken relevant exams and can fall back on extensive professional experience both within businesses and as a Data Protection Consultant.

However, not only do ds² clients rely upon a comprehensive technical knowledge, but can also expect professional, customer-friendly service. Clients always have access to an on-site contact person, who is familiar with the business. Besides the actual Data Protection Consultant, a deputy is made available, who is always available from the initial audit onwards.

In addition customers benefit from the collective know-how of all consultants, as an ongoing knowledge-exchange takes place between the individual consultants’ areas of expertise. For acute Problems ds² provides the opportunity for online-conferences, in order to effect as quick a solution as possible and to make the whole process more cost effective.

For your peace of mind, all of the ds² consultants’ activities are covered by our consultancy indemnity insurance.