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Our Consultants and Locations

Based on this motto, ds² has been successfully serving customers in the German-speaking market for 10 years. ds² has also been providing consultation services to businesses in the rest of Europe since 2006.

Our Locations

An on-site presence is always an important aspect of the consultation for ds² customers, enabling us to keep up to date on business processes and current issues and developing solutions in collaboration with its customers – always with the principle that „we are where our customers need us to be “. The ds² project offices are found throughout Germany to ensure efficient access a speedy response. For this reason, ds² is now operating in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hannover, München and Düsseldorf areas among others.

Our Consultants

Our team of experts under Managing Director Thomas Spaeing, who is also Chairman of the Professional Association of Data Protection Officers, has set the objective of supporting customers to find individual solutions increasing the security, cost-effectiveness and confidentiality of business processes concerned with the protection of personal data.

ds² consultants can call upon many years of experience and are accredited by the UDIS (Ulmer Academy for data protection and IT-security ) and the Rhineland TÜV (Technical Control Board – certified Data Protection Auditors) among others, as well as in some cases being certified in the field of IT-Security (compliant with BSI [Federal Office for Information Security] and ISO 27001).

Head office in Versmold

ds² Consultancy fo Data Protection and Data Security,

Thomas Spaeing

Falkenstraße 10

33775 Versmold

Tel: +49 5423-47 55 00

Fax: +49 5423-47 55 029



Branch office in Halle/Saale

Frank Spaeing

Maiglöckchenweg 11

06122 Halle/Saale

Tel: +49 345-299 802 99