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Precisely as a result of the information explosion and continuing advances in technical developments, data protection and data security are complex subjects.

Company personnel are taught about the risks and rules pertaining to their specific functional areas in targeted workshops, to ensure a professional handling of the data.

In the targeted workshops run by ds² , employees are taught about the risks and regulations pertaining to their specific functional areas in which data protection is subject to different levels of importance, so as to contextualise and provide a lucid overview of the options for data processing:


  • What data may be collected
  • Handling employee data
  • Data access permissions within the business

  • Protocol creation and safe-keeping
  • Administrator rights and ramifications
  • Viewing data and mailboxes

  • How can addresses be collected
  • When and to whom can advertising be sent?
  • Telephone marketing – what is allowed?
  • Handling customer data and inquiries

  • Who is liable in cases of data protection infringements?
  • What ramifications can infringements have?
  • How can compliance with data protection directives be monitored?


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