Data privacy checkup

Data privacy checkup – the data privacy quick test for your company

Companies dealing with data protection for the first time should revise their current situation, before they take any measures. The check for data protection gaps, problem areas in the daily operations, the handling of personal data or any vulnerabilities should be performed by trained and independent data privacy experts who examine the company in terms of the major risks in data privacy.

To get a rough overview, ds² has developed the “data privacy checkup”.Qualified consultants inspect all relevant departments. The intention of the “data privacy checkup” is to get an overview of the daily operations and thus of the requirements regarding the major tasks for data protection. Especially for small and medium-sized companies the checkup is a convenient and inexpensive basis for further steps and decisions.

The result, a short documentation regarding the data privacy topics to handle, enables you to calculate your efforts. Only then you decide, if you want to consult an internal or an external data privacy officer and if a project phase is required for the most important tasks.

For complex data privacy processes it is recommended to conduct acomprehensive review, before you make a regular appointment with a data privacy officer or start with any necessary project phase.