Basic Regulation for Data Protection compromises the effective protection of personal data – Data Protection Officer’s expertise indispensable

At this year’s BvD Congress in Berlin the ds² proprietor and BvD chairman Thomas Spaeing together with his team and 200 more data protection colleagues debated on the risks for data protection regarding to the bill for the basic regulation for data protection of the EU.

One thing became clear: many useful and modern concepts were lost within the negotiations. Operational data processing will be controlled by authorities – which entails an amount of bureaucracy. The proven way of self-regulation for the companies by internal Data Protection Officers are no longer relevant in Brussels. In its place, Brussels prefers new authorities and the data protection authorities in the EU member states (which are to this day under-resourced). The consultant’s advisory function that ensures a lawful data processing in many companies is now at risk.

That comes along with a serious intensification of the sanctions for the data processing companies and a vague wording in many regulations that bring a long period of legal uncertainty in data protection for the companies. “This is bad news for companies and citizens” – according to BvD chairman Thomas Spaeing.

For companies it is all the more important to count on the proven support and expertise of their Data Protection Officer.